Welcome to Communications Department!

The department prepares the faculty students on fundamental aspects of modern electronic engineering, with emphasis on the field of telecommunications, presenting the principles which lie at the basis of telecommunication equipment and showing how these systems are operated, in order to facilitate the access of the students on the job market. The department offers courses on deterministic and random signal processing, information theory, communication networks, radiocommunications, emphasizing on the design, implementation and performance evaluation of communication systems, essential for the 5G era. At the practical lab works, emphasis is placed on advanced topics on computer and software engineering. A special place is taken by multimedia technologies, where students get familiar with topics like web interactive applications, mobile devices programming, augmented and virtual reality, open data, principles of smart cities and open-science concepts. Our students benefit from the most modern equipment purchased with own funds, of the government and private telecom companies, a remarkable example being the two LTE platforms which are recently installed in our department laboratories. The courses are available on the university Virtual Campus.